Examples: Available For Download

We have prepared a 2D waveform inversion example that is inexpensive enough to run on almost any laptop, desktop, or cluster. To run this simple checkboard inversion, see these step-by-step instructions.

Some additional examples are available for download. Please review the instructions for the 2D checkerboard test case to get a sense for how to run these other inversions.

Some 2D examples based on the Marmousi model are available here.

A 3D Cartesian checkerboard example is available here.

A 3D global 1-chunk example is available here. Please note, the compressed archive for this example is very large (> 0.5 GB). [No longer available because of file size.]

At a minimimum, one processer is required for the 2D Marmousi examples, 16 processors are required for the 3D Cartesian example, and 64 processors are required for the global 1-chunk example. See here for more information about running inversions in parallel.

Note: File hosting services are provided by my alma mater. The download server may become temporarily unavailable due to system maintenance or permanently unavailable due to expiration of my account.

Examples: Available Locally

Users with accounts on “tiger.princeton.edu” can run the following inversions without having to download files or recompile executables.

2D Regional and Global

  • North America
  • Southern California
  • Global
  • Deep Earth

2D Near Surface

  • Marmousi offshore
  • Marmousi onshore
  • overthrust offshore
  • overthrust onshore
  • BP anticline
  • BP salt diapir

3D Cartesian

  • checkerboard

3D Global

  • mideast

See these instructions for running inversions on our local cluster.